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This blog space discusses our thoughts on beauty, cool beauty tips, the latest scientific innovations in the industry, and success stories. We are fascinated by nature’s ability to provide everything we need to have healthy self care products. 

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Knowing Your Hair Is Loving Your Hair One of the main things our hair needs is moisture, moisture, moisture. Whether you have natural hair or processed hair, knowing what type of hair you have is key in providing it with the proper treatment. This is where porosity comes into play. There are 2 main moisture […]

“Elegance Is When The Inside Is As Beautiful As The Outside.” One of nature’s biggest gifts is that it has provided us with the blueprint for elegant beauty. When the inside and outside are in alignment, nothing is impossible. Formulaica was designed for outer beauty and Dr. Arriel Cymone’s concierge coaching laboratory was designed for […]

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Formulaica was established on the foundation of scientific excellence, strong analytical principles coupled with knowledge and experience of cGMP guidelines. We work closely with an advisory board of medical staff, cosmetologists, and estheticians to ensure our products are of the highest quality. 

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Formulaica was founded by
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Dr. Arriel Cymone.

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