Capturing The Essence Of Coco Chanel

“Elegance Is When The Inside Is As Beautiful As The Outside.”

One of nature’s biggest gifts is that it has provided us with the blueprint for elegant beauty. When the inside and outside are in alignment, nothing is impossible. Formulaica was designed for outer beauty and Dr. Arriel Cymone’s concierge coaching laboratory was designed for inner beauty. Thus, capturing the essence of Coco Chanel’s quote about elegance. The combination of our luxurious formulations and concierge coaching yields the most glorious harmony of inner and outer beauty.

What Does It Mean To Be Beautiful? Let Us Count The Ways.

Away with the toxic beauty standards of society. No one thing is the definition of beauty. Beauty means so many different things. Beauty is dark, ebony skin and curly hair. Beauty is alabaster skin, with straight hair. Beauty is a small, petite physique. Beauty is a curvacious, voluptuous physique. Beauty is short, painted nails. Beauty is long, coffin shaped acrylic nails. Beauty is all natural with no makeup. Beauty is a gorgeous glam face designed by the best makeup artists. Beauty is everything I mentioned plus everything in between.

Beauty is peace. Beauty is kindness. Beauty is patience. Beauty is virtue. Beauty is love. Beauty is gentleness. Beauty is giving without expecting. Beauty is laughter. Beauty is joy. Beauty is health. Beauty is purpose. Beauty is respect. Beauty is courtesy. Beauty is empathy. Beauty is sympathy.

Nature plays a big part in beauty. The sounds of the ocean waves that bring tranquility. The rustling of the fall leaves that crunch with every step. The beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring that bring in the hummingbirds and butterflies. The smell of the fresh morning dew. A jog in the cool misty air that adds hydration. The list goes on and on.

The epitome of living your best life is when you are full of so much joy and peace on the inside that it radiates to the outside. At Formulaica, we capture that outward radiation and couple it with our luxurious products. The combination of the inner and outer beauty is what will build your cosmetic dynasty.

The essence of beauty is holistic: inner and outer beauty aligned. That is the goal. That is they way. That is the essence of Coco Chanel.