Formulations Services

Formulaica's turnkey and bespoke formulation services are unrivaled.

We specialize in infusing nature with science. In order to ensure maximum freshness and the highest quality, all of our products are made-to-order. You will never receive a product that just hangs out on our shelves for long periods of time.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. 

Whether you want a ready-to-go private label product or your own custom formulation, we take no shortcuts. 

We craft each and every formulation with the highest quality products and methodologies.

Do you want a smooth, silky, moisturizing, natural haircare line?
✓  We've got you covered. 

Do you want a luxurious, lightweight, moisturizing skincare line?
✓  We've got you covered. 

Do you want a natural, vibrant nail polish line?
✓  We've got you covered.  

Do you want something we haven't mentioned?
✓  We've got you covered there too. 

Your vision + our expertise = 

the luxury cosmetic brand of your dreams.

Turnkey Collection 

Formulaica's Turnkey Collection will have your private label brand ready-to-go in no time.

Our signature process guides you through exploration of our private label formulations to sales & marketing.   

Le Papillon Collection 

Le Papillon is French for “the butterfly”. The butterfly transforms from its original form into a beautiful piece of nature's artwork. Le Papillon collection does the same thing.

You can take any of the products from our Turnkey Collection and transform it into a product that is uniquely yours.

This semi-customized collection gives you a luxurious starting formula that is enhanced to suit your needs.   

Product Menu 

Our Turnkey Collection consists of both Haircare and Skincare products

Moisturizing Hair Cream
Moisturizing Shampoo
Moisturizing Conditioner
Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
Moisturizing Hair Mask
Body Butters & Scrubs
Facial Cleanser, Toner, & Moisturizer
Moisturizing Body Creams
Lip Balms 
Moisturizing Soap 

With prices starting at just $27 - Single samples, haircare sampler kits, and skincare sampler kits are available to order. 

Investigate and Indulge

Step 1

Indulge in our lavish formulations: order samples to assist you with selecting the perfect product for your brand. 

Select Packaging From Our In-House Collection

Step 2

Explore the perfect way to present your stunning brand with our in-house packaging collection 

Design Your Brand Logo and Product Label

Step 3

Our gifted graphic designers will help bring your concept to life with show-stopping designs


Name Your Collection

Step 4

Your luxury cosmetic brand will be reflected in its unique, creative name

Place Your Order & Start Bringing In The Dough

Step 5

Once your order is placed, we will run the baton to the finish line. Within 3-4 weeks, you're luxury cosmetic brand will be delivered to you. There is a 10 L (22 lb) minimum order requirement.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

Step 6

We will design marketing material for you and train you with product knowledge.  We will equip you with sales and marketing strategies to ensure your brand's success.


BESPOKE Collection 

Formulaica loves embarking on the bespoke journey with our customers.

 It is so exciting to see a product develop from a concept, to a formulation design, to being sold in stores. 

Bespoke Collection 

Our bespoke collection is the formulation service of choice for those who are seeking to take their own custom products to market. Having your own unique formulation will set you apart from the rest. 

Our bespoke collection will ensure that your brand can compete among the biggest names out there.  

Product Menu 

Seriously- if you can visualize it, we can formulate it. 

Like the T.I. song says,
“You can have whatever you like...” 

Our BESPOKE Signature Process



Deep-Dive Into Your Vision

Step 1

We will discuss your vision for your brand and how we can develop a product to bring that to life. 

Research & Development

Step 2

As soon as we agree to move forward, our R&D team will begin researching and calculating your preliminary formulas. 


Step 3

You will receive a sample of your luxury product for evaluation. 

Stability Testing

Step 4

We will conduct stability testing on your product and preservative. 

Let's Go

Step 5

We can assist you with custom package designs, logo design, and branding. 


Place Your Order

Step 6

You are now ready to start selling your luxury cosmetic brand. There is a 20 L (44 lb) minimum order requirement. 

Sales & Marketing

Step 7

We can assist you with sales and marketing strategies to help with brand awareness and retail placement. 


Our turnkey and bespoke cosmetic collections will set you apart from the rest.

Your Vision + Our Expertise = The Brand Of Your Dreams