Formulaica's mission is to craft the finest, most luxurious formulas that will make even the biggest brand names stop in their tracks.

Our commitment to producing the luxury cosmetic brand of your dreams is encompassed by decades of chemistry lab research and development, experimental design, and laboratory analysis. We offer full suite, private label formulations and unrivaled bespoke formulations. We will support you from concept design to sales and marketing. Formulaica has your back. 

Our concierge, white-glove laboratory services are designed to make you and your brand a success. 

Our Mission

We strive to develop products that can compete with the best.

Formulaica's vision is to see our customer's luxury cosmetic brands on the shelves of major retail stores. 


We take no shortcuts. All testing is performed on human volunteers. No animals are ever subjected to testing. Our number one priority is customer care. We are committed to treating your brand as if it's our own. Formulaica adheres to all cosmetic good manufacturing practices guidelines.

Formulaica's core values are honesty and integrity.  This is how we approach every aspect of our business.


If you can visualize it, 

We Can Formulate it.

I am thrilled that you are exploring how Formulaica can craft a luxury cosmetic brand that will exceed your expectations. Our techniques and methodologies have been carefully developed through years of organic synthesis experience and a love for infusing nature with science.

I received my first chemistry set when I was 7 years old. I would play with it in the driveway of our home. It amazed me how I could create something beautiful through chemical reactions. 

My love for chemistry has stood the test of time. I was a star chemistry student in high school, undergrad, and grad school. My research included organic synthesis of nanoparticles for detection and treatment of diseases. This is also when I began formulating makeup with my college buddy. 

I went on to have an amazing career in different areas of chemistry. I worked as a forensic chemist for the DEA. I've also worked in environmental, toxicology, and pharmaceutical laboratories. 

Meet Our Founder & CEO 

Hi, I'm Dr. Arriel Cymone 

I am also a Sales Executive. 

I have generated millions of dollars in direct sales revenue for start-up and Fortune 500 companies. 

By popular demand, I was encouraged by many to start a formulations laboratory. The motivation was also fueled by the fact that regardless of how many products I've tried, I still could not find the perfect solution for my daughter's thick, natural, low porosity hair. The only way I could solve that problem was to use my scientific expertise to develop show-stopping custom formulas. All of my experiences have led to this monumental moment.   

I look forward to utilizing my skills to help you launch a profitable product line. 

Welcome to Formulaica! 

Our turnkey and bespoke cosmetic collections will set you apart from the rest.

Your Vision + Our Expertise = The Brand Of Your Dreams